PSY632 Quiz 3 Fall 2020

PSY632 Quiz 3 Fall 2020

Question No 1

Who among the following developed the Stress-Inoculation Therapy?

Meichenbaum (Page 137)

Question No 2

Which of the following cognitive technique involves the use of direct questions, logical reasoning and persuasion?

Cognitive disputation (Page 143)

Question No 3

Which of the following approach maintains that both abnormal and normal behavior is learned?

Behavioral (Page 151)

Question No 4

Who among the followings introduce the psychodrama to U.S.A?

J. L. Moreno (Page 167)

Question No 5

If your friend does not call you and you suspect he wants to break up with you. This is an example of which of the following cognitive distortions?

Arbitrary Inference (Page 139)

Question No 6

Which of the following based on the assumption that voluntary behaviors are influenced by consequences?

Operant conditioning (Page 152)

Question No 7

Ellis thinks that _____________ are more vulnerable to outside influences and irrational thinking than adults are.

Children (Page 141)

Question No 8

According to the Reality therapy, there are two critical periods in children’s lives. Those are:

Between 2-5 and between 5-10 years (Page 160)


Question No 9

Which of the following is Rollo May’s most influential book?

The meaning of anxiety (Page 133)

Question No 10

Roll May and Victor Frankl are the best known theorists of which of the following?

Existential (Page 133)


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