Mid Term By Waqar Sidhu

Midterm Solved Papers By Waqar Siddhu

Midterm Solved Papers By Waqar Siddhu. Past Papers Midterm solved by Arslan. Latest Solved Papers for Midterm. Current/Past Virtual University Solved Midterm Papers

CS001 (Computer Proficiency License)

CS201 (Introduction To Programming)

CS301 (Data Structures)

CS302 (Data Logic Design

CS401 (Computer Architecture & Assembly Language

CS403 (Database Management System)

CS411 (Visual Programming)

CS501 (Advance Computer Architecture)

CS502 (Fundamentals of Algorithm)

CS504 (Software Engineering - 1)

CS506 (Web Design & Developement)

CS508 (Modern Programming Languages)

CS602 (Computer Graphics)

CS604 (Operating Systems)

CS605 (Software Engineering - 2)

CS606 (Compiler Contruction)

CS607 (Artificial Intelligence)

CS609 (System Programming)

CS610 (Computer Networks)

CS614 (Data Warehousing)

ISL Subjects

ISL201 (Islamic Studies

ECO Subjects

ECO401 (Economics)

ECO403 (Macroeconomics

MCM Subjects

MCM301 (Communication Skils)

MGT Subjects

MGT501 (Human Resource Management)

MTH Subjects

MTH202 (Discrete Mathematics)

MTH301 (Calculus II)

MTH401 (Differential Equations)

MTH501 (Linear Algebra)

PHY Subjects

PHY101 (Physics)