STA641 Current Final Term Papers Fall 2020

STA641 Current Final Term Papers 2020

Current Final Papers are shared by VU students.

Final Term Papers & All Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs & Helping Material.

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Sta 641 today paper       total questions=4.         

1 using SPSS find regression analysis for y=a+bx ..what are values of a and b.write correlation and interpret the result about correlation of both variables?                  

Qsn#02: find mean,median,mode and interpret about skewness of three data sets..?    Spss          Qn#03: find the r chart.range chart..LCL and UCL .weather chart out of control or not?SPSS.                     Qn#04: apply the paired sample t test on the given data .check the null hypothesis rejected or accepted.highlight the standard deviation and mean?exel

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